(To be completed by contributor of cell line.)


I understand that this material is for deposit in the Korean Cell Line Bank maintained at the Korean Cell Line Research Foundation.

It will be examined, and if accepted by th KCLB, batches will be made and distributed to the scientific community for a fee to cover expenses.

1. Depositor Information
Depositor Name
Deposited on behalf of  
Depositor Address
2. Cell Line Name
3. Source of cell (Species, Race, Sex, Age, Adult or Embryonal, Normal, Malignant, Organ or Tissue, Blood Type, etc)
4. Special Properties, Characteristics, or Uses
5. Type of Cell

    [ ] Epithelial-like [ ] Lymphoblast-like

    [ ] Fibroblast-like [ ] Other

6. Give reason why you feel this cell is important
7. Life Expectancy (Maximum number of serial subcultivation since origin)
8. Early passage levels available from frozen stock, If any
9. Name of originating or deriving investigator and date of origin
10. References
11. Brief history since origin
12. Recommended culture medium
13. Recommended subcultivation methods
14. Recommended for freezing cells, If any