Please fill out the KCLB order form (PDF, size: 24.5KB) and sent it to KCLB via e-mail (

We limit overseas cell line distribution to only SNU, NCC, NCL and HCC series. The KCLB releases the lines for research purposes only. The lines or their products must not be distributed to third parties.

KCLB will send the cell line as cultured state for delivery safety by express mail. For delivery of cell line, we also need your account number of FEDEX or DHL (in request form). You can remit the payment for cell lines by bank transfer. After receiving the payment, we will send the cell lines to you via express mail.

We will also send the agreement form(MTA), the invoice, and the information about cell lines.

User will be notified about the tracking number through email. Normally, User receive cell lines within two weeks.

If you need more information, please email