The cell lines established at the Korean Cell Line Bank are provided as a service to the research community. Before shipment of cells, the RECIPIENT is required to sign this agreement.

The Korean Cell Line Bank and RECIPIENT agree that :

  1. These material(s), their progeny, and the derivatives thereof ("Biological Materials") remain the property of Korean Cell Line Bank.
  2. These biological materials is/are provided for research purposes only and will be used only in Scientist's laboratory(ies) located at RECIPIENT. This Agreement and the resulting transfer of Biological Material(s) constitute a licence to use the Biological Material(s) for the sole purpose of Scientist's research program. All applicable governmental regulations and guidelines will be followed in the use of the biological material(s). The Biological Material(s) will not be used for testing in, treatment of, or diagnosis of humans. RECIPIENT agrees to use the Biological Material(s) according to RECIPIENT's institutional guidelines for biological safety.
  3. RECIPIENT agrees not to change the nomenclature of the Biological Material(s), and to give the appropriate literature citation for the origin of the Biological Material(s), in any publication resulting from the use of the Biological material(s).
    distribute samples of the Biological Material(s) to anyone without written permission from the Korean Cell Line Bank.
    use or describe the Biological Material(s) in patent application without written permission from the Korean Cell Line Bank.
    make any commercial use of the Biological Material(s).

  4. RECIPIENT will remain the confidentiality of the Biological Material(s), and will not:
  5. RECIPIENT is granted no other right or licence to the Biological Material(s) under any patent rights now or hereafter held by the Korean Cell Line Bank.
  6. RECIPIENT agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Korean Cell Line bank from any claims, costs, damages, or expenses resulting from any injury (including deaths), damage, or loss that may arise from the use of Biological Material(s) either directly (including use for diagnostic purposes) or in the preparation of a product.
  7. RECIPIENT assumes all risks and responsibilities in connection with the receipt, handling, storage and use of the Biologic Material(s).
  8. RECIPIENT agrees to pay Korean Cell Line Bank US $ _________ as a processing fee for the transmission of the Biologic Material(s).
    This AGREEMENT may not be assigned by the RECIPIENT without the prior written consent of the Korean Cell Line Bank.

    In witness thereof, the parties have caused this agreement to be executed by their duly authorized representatives.
The Korean Cell Line Bank
Cancer Research Institute
Seoul, Korea

By : _________________________
                               Jae-Gahb Park, M.D.

Title: _____________________________
                         Korean Cell Line Bank

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By : ___________________________





Signature of Scientist

Receiving the Biological Material(s)