General Deposit

Cell Line General Deposit

Cell line general deposit is a deposit system that researchers developed to protect and preserve cell line resources (human and animal cell lines, recombinant cell lines, drug resistant cell lines, etc.) from possible danger (cell line contamination or loss). Also, the system opens up cell line information so that researchers are able to use them for research.

Cell line General Deposit Requirements

Cell line General Deposit is targeted to cell lines that has been or will be published in domestic or international papers. Cell lines that are not published but used widely by researchers are exceptional.

Benefits of Cell line General Deposit

Researchers using the cell line safety deposit can receive their deposited cell lines at any time and the deposit fee is free.

Deposit steps

For Cell Line General deposit 5 or more freezing vials are needed for each cell line and 1 culture flask with living cells. Furthermore, the cell line deposit application form should be submitted. One freezing vial is used for cell line culture and the other four freezing vials are for long term preservation. The depositor can contact KCLB to choose the number of deposit cell lines for exceptional cases.

Distribution of cell line general deposit

For cell lines in general deposit, KCLB will culture 1vial of frozen cell line and cell lines of surviving culture flasks and then will freeze and store a certain amount of cell lines.
KCLRF will thaw frozen cell lines and perform Quality control such as survival tests, mycoplasma contamination, DNA fingerprinting etc. The information on cell lines will be sent to the depositors and with the consent of the depositors, the cell lines will be cultured in large quantities and the distributing stock will be available for researchers who request an order.

Cell lines excluded from general deposit

- Cell lines that are dangerous to the environment
- Cell lines that need special lab requirements

Application for deposit

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