Distribution Guide

Distribution fee 

Organoids (culture) non profit organization 1,500$ (USD)
profit organization 1,800$ (USD)
  • Organoid sales are for researchers who have experience in culturing organoids. Researchers who are new to organoids must complete the 'organoid culture method' from researcher education application (Services → Organoid Education). After obtaining qualifications, you can proceed with the sale of organoids. 
  • Organoid sales are sold in a cultured state to provide convenience. Resale is not carried out because the sales are proceeded after checking the condition of the organoids at the time of sale.

The Korea Cell Line Bank does not receive payment for the organoid itself (except for the patented organoid) but receives a small processing fee including the cost of materials for various reagents. Shipping cost includes dry ice, shipping fee, icebox and organoid shipping container, flask, cost of media and etc.

These organoids were specially deposited at the KCLB and are provided for research purposes only. Neither the organoids nor products derived from them may be sold or used for commercial purposes. Nor can organoids be distributed to third parties for purposes of sale, or producing for sale, organoids or their products. The organoids are provided as service to the research community. Any proposed commercial use of these organoids, or their products must first be negotiated with the KCLB.

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