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KCLB No. 21739
Name AGS
Distributibility Yes
Cell Line STR
D3S1358: 15.2
vWA: 16,17
FGA: 23,24
Amelogenin: X
TH01: 6,7
TPOX: 11,12
CSF1P0: 11,12
D5S818: 9,12
D13S317: 12
D7S820: 10,11
Origin stomach
Species human - female, 54 years old, Caucasian
Tumorigenecity yes, in athymic BALB/c mice
Cellular morphology epithelial
Growth pattern monolayer
Histopathology adenocarcinoma
Freezing media RPMI1640, 52.5%; FBS, 40%; DMSO, 7.5%
Original media Ham
KCLB media RPMI1640 with L-glutamine (300mg/L), 25mM HEPES and 25mM NaHCO3, 90%; heat inactivated fetal bovine serum (FBS), 10%
References Cancer Res, 43:1703-1709, 1983; Invest New Drugs, 1:117-127, 1983
Note the AGS cell line was derived from fragments of a tumor resected from a patient who had received no prior therapy; the cells have a plating efficiency of 34% in the medium below; the line was cured at the ATCC of a prior mycoplasma infection
Modal Choromosome No 47 (39 to 92)
Hit 6572
Morphology, STR