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KCLB No. 21690
Name T98G
Distributibility Yes
Cell Line STR
D3S1358: 16
vWA: 17,20
FGA: 21,22
Amelogenin: X,Y
TH01: 7,9.3
CSF1P0: 10,12
D5S818: 10,12
D13S317: 13
D7S820: 9,10
Origin brain
Species human - male, 61 years old, Caucasian
Tumorigenecity no, not tumorigenic in nude mice
Cellular morphology fibroblast
Growth pattern monolayer
Histopathology glioblastoma multiformae
Freezing media RPMI1640, 52.5%; FBS, 40%; DMSO, 7.5%
Original media Minimum essential medium (Eagle) in Earle
KCLB media Minimum Essential Medium, 90%, heat inactivated fetal bovine serum (FBS), 10%
Subculture Remove medium, add fresh 0.25 % trypsin in solution for 1 minute. Remove the trypsin and let the culture sit at room temperature 5 minutes or until the cells detach. Add fresh medium, aspirate and dispense into new flasks.
References Stein GH. T98G: an anchorage-independent human tumor cell line that exhibits stationary phase G1 arrest in vitro. J. Cell.Physiol. 99:43-54, 1979.
Note When deprived of serum or when crowded, the cells enter a viable G1 arrested state. The cells are anchorage independent.
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Morphology, STR