Paired Primary and Peritoneal Seeding Human Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines

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Transl Oncol. 2018 Oct; 11(5): 1232–1243. 
Establishment and Characterization of Paired Primary and Peritoneal Seeding Human Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines: Identification of Genes That Mediate Metastatic Potential
Peritoneal metastasis is one of the major patterns of unresectability in colorectal cancer (CRC) and a cause of death in advanced CRC. Identification of distinct gene expressions between primary CRC and peritoneal seeding metastasis is to predict the metastatic potential of primary human CRC. Three pairs of primary CRC (SNU-2335A, SNU-2404A, and SNU-2414A) and corresponding peritoneal seeding (SNU-2335D, SNU-2404B, and SNU-2414B) cell lines were established to determine the different gene expressions and resulting aberrated signaling pathways in peritoneal metastasis tumor using whole exome sequencing and microarray. Whole exome sequencing detected that mutation in CYP2A7 was exclusively shared in peritoneal seeding cell lines. Microarray identified that there were five upregulated genes (CNN3, SORBS1, BST2, EPSTI1, and KLHL5) and two downregulated genes (TRY6 and STYL5) in the peritoneal metastatic cell lines. CNN3 expression was highly augmented in both mRNA and protein levels in peritoneal metastasis cells. Knockdown of Calponin 3 resulted in augmented level of E-cadherin in peritoneal metastasis cells, and migration and invasiveness decreased accordingly. We suggest that CNN3 takes part in cell projection and movement, and the detection and distribution of CNN3 may render prognostic information for predicting peritoneal seeding metastasis from primary colorectal cancer.

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